Of specializing in technical and consulting activities of design and construction of private projects.


From experienced engineers and specialized associates.


We propose and implement high quality, innovative and functional solutions, tailored to the needs of each customer.

Technical Office 45 x

Technical office 45 is located in Athens, Greece. It was founded by a team of three scientists with many years of personal experience in the fields of design and construction: Vangelis Hantzos (Civil Engineer, TE / MBA), Dimitris Megas (Architect / Decorator, TE) and Giannis Lambropoulos (Surveyor Engineer, NTUA).

Our Team x

Technical office 45 consists of a creative team, aiming to be active in the fields of architectural and technical studies, construction and supervision of projects, licensing as well as consulting procedures.

Our Vision x

To be a leading technical company, renowned for our working methodologies, high quality services  and human resource capabilities.

As a creative team, we propose and implement high quality, innovative and functional solutions, tailored to customer needs. We treat each project with the same importance regardless of the size and type of work, providing high quality solutions always responding to the time and the financial budget of each project.

Our Philosophy x

We design projects, following the needs of the modern era as well as the specific requirements of each customer adapted through the design, to the environment in which the project will be implemented.

We are inspired from new innovative materials, modern know-how and technology, aesthetics and functionality of each space in order to create modern architectural and construction approaches.

We favor sustainable design and technology with respect to the environment and aesthetics.

The goal of each project is to have the ability to change and be integrated always in its time. 

Our Mission x

The implementation of the projects is accompanied by a series of procedures and guarantees and at the same time with our personal care, in order to ensure an on time safe, quality and technically correct construction.

Based on the above, we guarantee high quality production always guided by the final result in the best possible form.